Goals Finished In August

1 09 2010

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s already September! That means I have less than a year to get to my finish by date!

So these are the goals that I finished in August.

Goal 12: Stay on top of getting my pictures printed out and put them away-
For a really long time now, I’ve taken to ordering my pictures at the end of the month. A few months ago, I said I would cross this off at the end of summer. Summer isn’t offically over, but I’m marking this off!

Goal 67: Go one month without fast food (including Arby’s)-
This is probably one of the hardest goals I have on the list, because of the “including Arby’s” part. (For those of you that don’t know, Arby’s is where I work. And it’s fast food. I tend to eat there on my days working). Which is why I didn’t want to talk about it, in case I “failed”. But for the entire month of August I did not eat fast food, not once!

Goal 86: See a sunrise-

I probably could have crossed this off a year ago, when I started working the really early morning shift at work. I would see a sunrise most every morning I worked. But the reason why I didn’t cross it off was because I really wanted to have a picture of one. But I realized that I might never have a picture of a sunrise, since I’m travelling to work while I see them. So I am crossing this off anyways. If I do capture one, I will be sure to share it.

That’s it! 3 more goals down and less than a year to go! Shit….
Goals Finished 100%: 27
Goals In Progress: 14
Goals Crossed Off Because I Suck at Life (AKA Goals I Can’t Finish): 2

Updated Movie List- Counted

17 08 2010

68 movies left on the 100 list.

14 movies left on 30 list.

86 movies left on AFI’s 100 best movies of all time

Goals To Tackle In August

9 08 2010

 figured I would make a monthly post, at the beginning of the month, with a list of goals that I hope to complete in that month. This will be in conjunction with my regular end of the month post of goals I completed.

-Clean out my closet. I have been working on cleaning out my set of dressers and now I will tackle the closet. I figured it’s good to do so now in prep for the upcoming fall/winter season.

-Buy a nice piece of jewelry for myself. I have a few pieces picked out that I love. I just need to narrow it down!

-Get sunglasses. I misplaced my eye perscription, so I need to get my eyes checked again. I hope to do that this month. After that, I am going to finally! purchase sunglasses!

-Finish my scrapbook box (of pets), scrapbook Lucy’s first year, NYC scrapbook. While I don’t think I will be able to finish all of these scrapbooking list items, I do hope to finish the box, get started on Lucy’s and finish the first half of the NYC one

Recently Completed Goals

27 06 2010

 realized I never did my monthly update for May.

So since June is almost over (and I don’t think I will be finishing anymore in the next couple of days), I am just doing a combined post for now.

Goal Twenty-Nine: Review 15 books on librarything.com
Goal Thirty-Seven: Buy a new battery for my laptop
Goal Seventy-Eight: Grow something (I choose herbs)

Goal Ninety-Three: Organize books

These 4 are actually done.
Other things that need to be updated:
Goal Twelve: Stay on top of getting my pictures printed off and put them away: I have been staying on top of ordering pictures around the first (from the previous month). So at the end of the summer, this is when I will mark this off.
Goal Fifteen: Write a novel: I started writing my novel! (or novella, depending on how long I can make it)
Goal Twenty-Three: A-Z Author Challenge: Just finished book J.

Goal Thirty-Three: Buy a nice piece of jewelery for myself: I have plans to do this next month

April 101 Update

1 05 2010

Once again, no actuall goals completed.

But progress!

Goal Twenty-Eight: Have an amazing birthday party for the final year in this —> This list is ending August of 2011. So in February of 2011 I am having an… Alice in Wonderland themed Unbirthday party!
Goal Thirty-Nine: Finish my scrapbook in a box (of pets) —> While I didn’t start this is April, May 1st was National Scrapbooking Day. So I worked on this box this past weekend.
Goal Fifty: Do a paint by numbers —> I bought it last month and have slowly been working on it

March 101 Update

1 04 2010

While I did not actually finish any of the goals this month (sad!) I have made plans for goals to start/finish very soon!

In progress:
– I have been looking for a good exercise program for goal 9 (work out for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 2 months). I was reading in a magazine about bride workouts and even though I’m not getting married, they look fun and yet challenging at the same time. So for April and May that’s what I’ll be working out for that.
– I’ve already been making plans for goal 28 (have an amazing birthday party). I’ve decided to go with Alice In Wonderland Unbirthday theme.
– As soon as I get paid this week I will buy a paint by numbers I saw! So I should be working on that next week!
– I am having trouble finding out about the detox diet. So I may need to change that somehow. What my intensions for that goal was to take a 3 day weekend where I am off and not eat anything “bad”. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?
-I think the next time I am at the store I will just buy Nair and try it. It’s a pretty easy goal and kinda said that i haven’t tried it yet.
-Warm weather is upon us, so it looks like it’s time to start walking my dog! But since we’ve added 2 more dogs to the household, I will have to change them out. Everyone gets one week, then start over again.
-I bought a lotion thing for goal 100.

The List (To Be Edited Entry)

23 03 2010
I figured it would be nice to have an entry in this blog where I can edit the list. I didn’t want to do that on the orginal one because I like having it untouched. So this entry will be revisited as I finish them.

Goal One: Lose enough weight to be 120 pounds and not go over 135 pounds

Goal Two: Save $2500
I recently had to use most of my savings to pay on my medical bills. I counted down how much I would have to save per paycheck until August and I don’t think I’ll be able to save it. So I’ll just have to save as much as I can until then
Goal Three: Finish college
Due to unforeseen events, I do not believe I will be able to cross this goal off within a year.
Goal Four: Get my license

Goal Five: Purchase (or decide not to purchase) books and movies from my list I keep a running list of movies/books I want to buy.

Goal Six: Get a tattoo (once I lose weight)

Goal 6 Edited: buy a good curling iron/straightener

I decided to switch out the tattoo goal and a goal from the next list. I will be getting a tattoo for a “I moved out of my house” gift to myself.

Goal Seven: Either get my ears pierced again OR once I lose weight have my belly button pierced

Goal Eight: Do the 365 pictures challenge (2009)

Goal Nine: Work out for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 2 months

Goal Ten: Obtain a new phone in July of 2009 and then one is July 2011

Goal Eleven: Send a postcard to Postsecret once a year

Goal Twelve: Stay on top of getting my pictures printed off and put them away

Goal Thirteen: Get my puzzles framed, plus 2 posters

Since I have no where to hang the posters/puzzles, I really don’t see a point in having them framed yet. So I’m crossing this off.

Goal Fourteen: Buy a new Audrey Hepburn poster

Goal Fifteen: Write a novel

Goal Sixteen: Clean out my closet

Goal Seventeen: Donate money to the Animal Shelter

Goal Eighteen: Volunteer on a regular basis (in person)

Goal Ninteen: Stop drinking pop

Goal Twenty: Donate old clothes

Goal Twenty-One: Finish my recipe book, complete with pictures

Goal Twenty-Two: Try 10 new recipes and add to said book

Goal Twenty-Three: A-Z Author Challenge

Goal Twenty-Four: Finish watching movies from Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments list

Goal Twenty-Five: Finish watching movies from Bravo’s 30 Even More Scarier Movie Moments list

Goal Twenty-Six: Fill either 10 journals before buying a new one

Goal Twenty-Seven: Purge stuffed animals, but keep some to pass on to my kids

Goal Twenty-Eight: Have an amazing birthday party for the final year in this

Goal Twenty-Nine: Review 15 books on librarything.com

Goal Thirty: Have 3 pictures I’ve taken and print them/frame them

Goal Thirty-One: Buy an ice cream maker and use it

I don’t need this goal anymore. The reason why I put it on this list was because I wanted to make homemade ice cream. I found a recipe where I don’t need to have an ice cream maker! Score.

Goal Thirty-Two: Buy a nice winter coat, but at an after winter sale

Goal Thirty-Three: Buy a nice piece of jewelery for myself

Goal Thirty-Four: Go horseback riding again

Goal Thirty-Five: buy a GPS system

Goal Thirty-Six: Perm my hair

Goal Thirty-Seven: Buy a new battery for my laptop

Goal Thirty-Eight: Sell or donate college books I don’t need

Goal Thirty-Nine: Finish my scrapbook in a box (of pets)

Goal Forty: Scrapbook Lucy’s frst year (May 2008-May 2009)

Goal Forty-One: Eat at Red Lobster

Goal Forty-Two: Eat at Cheesecake Factory

Goal Forty-Three: Eat at Chipolte

Goal Forty-Four: Learn to Whistle

Goal Forty-Five: Learn to Jump Rope

Goal Forty-Six: Learn to wink

Goal Forty-Seven: Catalog my movies

Goal Forty-Eight: Go on a vacation by myself once I graduate

Due to unforeseen setbacks, I can’t say that I will graduate within a year, so I will be unable to finish this goal.

Goal Forty-Nine: Donate a toy for a child at Christmas time

Goal Fifty: Do a paint by numbers

Goal Fifty-One: Get rid of Kohl’s debt

Goal Fifty-Two: Get new glasses and sunglasses and in 2 years, get eyes rechecked

Goal Fifty-Three: Go to a concert

Goal Fifty-Four: Learn to ride a bike

Goal Fifty-Five: Purchase and use makeup, once a week

Goal Fifty-Six: Buy a waffle maker

Goal Fifty-Seven: Try 10 new types of tea

Goal Fifty-Eight: Make Holiday cards for 2009

Goal Fifty-Nine: Volunteer (from home)

Goal Sixty: Sell a picture I’ve taken

Goal Sixty-One: 50 Book Challenge

Goal Sixty-Two: Paint my white bookcase to look like wood, complete with the wood markings

Goal Sixty-Three: Karaoke

Goal Sixty-Four: Build my 3D penguin puzzle and frame it

Goal Sixty-Five: Find books I own and no longer want and “release” them via bookcrossing

Goal Sixty-Six: NOT buy something penguin-related

Goal Sixty-Seven: Go 1 month without fast food (including Arby’s)

Goal Sixty-Eight: Do the detox diet

After more research, I realized that “detox diets” are not healthy at all. I will just try to not eat fast food/junk food, which was the purpose of this goal. Eventually, if I don’t eat it that often for a long time in a row, my body will detox itself.

Goal Sixty-Nine: Buy new iPod speakers

Goal Seventy: Properly balance checkbook

Goal Seventy-One: Send a care package to a solider in Iraq

Goal Seventy-Two: Pay for someone elses bill behind me in fast food drive thru

Goal Seventy-Three: Make a new list when this one is finished

Goal Seventy-Four: Go to a state I’ve never been to before

Goal Seventy-Five: Go bowling

Goal Seventy-Six: Buy an bra/panties set

Goal Seventy-Seven: Buy a Victoria Secret bra

How do I put this…. My cups will runneth over if I have a VS bra. I checked it out, I can not fit into their biggest size they carry. Boo 😦
Goal Seventy-Eight: Grow something
Goal Seventy-Nine: Review 10 movies on IMDB.com (1/10)
Goal: Eighty: Buy a t-shirt from threadless.com
Goal Eighty-One: Buy glass for Audrey Hepburn picture Jordan gave me
Goal Eighty-Two: Really scrapbook upcoming NYC vacation (not online scrapbook)
Goal Eighty-Three: Buy Michigan scapbook
Goal Eighty-Four: Photograph penguin collection
Goal Eighty-Five: Finish 43 sunsets goal
Goal Eighty-Six: See a sunrise
Goal Eighty-Seven: Be in bed by midnight for 1 week
Goal Eighty-Eight: Buy a little black dress (once weight is down)
Goal Eighty-Nine: Buy a sketchbook and use it
Goal Ninety: Start a blog for recipes
Goal Ninety-One: Set a payment schdule for hospital bill and work on getting it down
Goal Ninety-Two: Build plan/budget to get myself to Australia
Goal Ninety-Three: Organize books
Goal Ninety-Four: Make real hot chocolate once a month from October to Feb. like the knd you make on the stove, not the packets
Goal Ninety-Five: Try Nair, because I hate shaving
Goal Ninety-Six: Buy a bathing suit/dare I say…bikini (once weight is down/gone)
Goal Niney-Seven: Get a tea kettle
Goal Ninety-Eight: Weather permitting, walk Oscar once a week
Goal Ninety-Nine: Try out for a play
Goal One Hundred : Make my feet look normal
Goal One Hundred & One: Listen to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and watch Wizard of Oz at the same time (this act is collectively known as “Dark Side of the Rainbow”)