Let’s Get Serious Here For A Minute…

7 09 2010

This is a list of goals that I know I will not be able to complete within my year time frame.

Goal Three: Finish college
Due to unforeseen events, I do not believe I will be able to cross this goal off within a year

Goal Six: Get a tattoo (once I lose weight)

Due to the fact I still live at home and my parents are very against the idea of me having a tattoo, I will be switching out this goal and one from the next list. If that makes any sense.
Goal Forty-Eight: Go on a vacation by myself once I graduate
Due to unforeseen setbacks, I can’t say that I will graduate within a year, so I will be unable to finish this goal
Goal Fifty-Eight: Make Holiday cards for 2009
Umm…it’s 2010. Fail.
So far, I think that’s it



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