Goals To Tackle In August

9 08 2010

 figured I would make a monthly post, at the beginning of the month, with a list of goals that I hope to complete in that month. This will be in conjunction with my regular end of the month post of goals I completed.

-Clean out my closet. I have been working on cleaning out my set of dressers and now I will tackle the closet. I figured it’s good to do so now in prep for the upcoming fall/winter season.

-Buy a nice piece of jewelry for myself. I have a few pieces picked out that I love. I just need to narrow it down!

-Get sunglasses. I misplaced my eye perscription, so I need to get my eyes checked again. I hope to do that this month. After that, I am going to finally! purchase sunglasses!

-Finish my scrapbook box (of pets), scrapbook Lucy’s first year, NYC scrapbook. While I don’t think I will be able to finish all of these scrapbooking list items, I do hope to finish the box, get started on Lucy’s and finish the first half of the NYC one




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