Recently Completed Goals

27 06 2010

 realized I never did my monthly update for May.

So since June is almost over (and I don’t think I will be finishing anymore in the next couple of days), I am just doing a combined post for now.

Goal Twenty-Nine: Review 15 books on
Goal Thirty-Seven: Buy a new battery for my laptop
Goal Seventy-Eight: Grow something (I choose herbs)

Goal Ninety-Three: Organize books

These 4 are actually done.
Other things that need to be updated:
Goal Twelve: Stay on top of getting my pictures printed off and put them away: I have been staying on top of ordering pictures around the first (from the previous month). So at the end of the summer, this is when I will mark this off.
Goal Fifteen: Write a novel: I started writing my novel! (or novella, depending on how long I can make it)
Goal Twenty-Three: A-Z Author Challenge: Just finished book J.

Goal Thirty-Three: Buy a nice piece of jewelery for myself: I have plans to do this next month




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