The List (To Be Edited Entry)

23 03 2010
I figured it would be nice to have an entry in this blog where I can edit the list. I didn’t want to do that on the orginal one because I like having it untouched. So this entry will be revisited as I finish them.

Goal One: Lose enough weight to be 120 pounds and not go over 135 pounds

Goal Two: Save $2500
I recently had to use most of my savings to pay on my medical bills. I counted down how much I would have to save per paycheck until August and I don’t think I’ll be able to save it. So I’ll just have to save as much as I can until then
Goal Three: Finish college
Due to unforeseen events, I do not believe I will be able to cross this goal off within a year.
Goal Four: Get my license

Goal Five: Purchase (or decide not to purchase) books and movies from my list I keep a running list of movies/books I want to buy.

Goal Six: Get a tattoo (once I lose weight)

Goal 6 Edited: buy a good curling iron/straightener

I decided to switch out the tattoo goal and a goal from the next list. I will be getting a tattoo for a “I moved out of my house” gift to myself.

Goal Seven: Either get my ears pierced again OR once I lose weight have my belly button pierced

Goal Eight: Do the 365 pictures challenge (2009)

Goal Nine: Work out for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 2 months

Goal Ten: Obtain a new phone in July of 2009 and then one is July 2011

Goal Eleven: Send a postcard to Postsecret once a year

Goal Twelve: Stay on top of getting my pictures printed off and put them away

Goal Thirteen: Get my puzzles framed, plus 2 posters

Since I have no where to hang the posters/puzzles, I really don’t see a point in having them framed yet. So I’m crossing this off.

Goal Fourteen: Buy a new Audrey Hepburn poster

Goal Fifteen: Write a novel

Goal Sixteen: Clean out my closet

Goal Seventeen: Donate money to the Animal Shelter

Goal Eighteen: Volunteer on a regular basis (in person)

Goal Ninteen: Stop drinking pop

Goal Twenty: Donate old clothes

Goal Twenty-One: Finish my recipe book, complete with pictures

Goal Twenty-Two: Try 10 new recipes and add to said book

Goal Twenty-Three: A-Z Author Challenge

Goal Twenty-Four: Finish watching movies from Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments list

Goal Twenty-Five: Finish watching movies from Bravo’s 30 Even More Scarier Movie Moments list

Goal Twenty-Six: Fill either 10 journals before buying a new one

Goal Twenty-Seven: Purge stuffed animals, but keep some to pass on to my kids

Goal Twenty-Eight: Have an amazing birthday party for the final year in this

Goal Twenty-Nine: Review 15 books on

Goal Thirty: Have 3 pictures I’ve taken and print them/frame them

Goal Thirty-One: Buy an ice cream maker and use it

I don’t need this goal anymore. The reason why I put it on this list was because I wanted to make homemade ice cream. I found a recipe where I don’t need to have an ice cream maker! Score.

Goal Thirty-Two: Buy a nice winter coat, but at an after winter sale

Goal Thirty-Three: Buy a nice piece of jewelery for myself

Goal Thirty-Four: Go horseback riding again

Goal Thirty-Five: buy a GPS system

Goal Thirty-Six: Perm my hair

Goal Thirty-Seven: Buy a new battery for my laptop

Goal Thirty-Eight: Sell or donate college books I don’t need

Goal Thirty-Nine: Finish my scrapbook in a box (of pets)

Goal Forty: Scrapbook Lucy’s frst year (May 2008-May 2009)

Goal Forty-One: Eat at Red Lobster

Goal Forty-Two: Eat at Cheesecake Factory

Goal Forty-Three: Eat at Chipolte

Goal Forty-Four: Learn to Whistle

Goal Forty-Five: Learn to Jump Rope

Goal Forty-Six: Learn to wink

Goal Forty-Seven: Catalog my movies

Goal Forty-Eight: Go on a vacation by myself once I graduate

Due to unforeseen setbacks, I can’t say that I will graduate within a year, so I will be unable to finish this goal.

Goal Forty-Nine: Donate a toy for a child at Christmas time

Goal Fifty: Do a paint by numbers

Goal Fifty-One: Get rid of Kohl’s debt

Goal Fifty-Two: Get new glasses and sunglasses and in 2 years, get eyes rechecked

Goal Fifty-Three: Go to a concert

Goal Fifty-Four: Learn to ride a bike

Goal Fifty-Five: Purchase and use makeup, once a week

Goal Fifty-Six: Buy a waffle maker

Goal Fifty-Seven: Try 10 new types of tea

Goal Fifty-Eight: Make Holiday cards for 2009

Goal Fifty-Nine: Volunteer (from home)

Goal Sixty: Sell a picture I’ve taken

Goal Sixty-One: 50 Book Challenge

Goal Sixty-Two: Paint my white bookcase to look like wood, complete with the wood markings

Goal Sixty-Three: Karaoke

Goal Sixty-Four: Build my 3D penguin puzzle and frame it

Goal Sixty-Five: Find books I own and no longer want and “release” them via bookcrossing

Goal Sixty-Six: NOT buy something penguin-related

Goal Sixty-Seven: Go 1 month without fast food (including Arby’s)

Goal Sixty-Eight: Do the detox diet

After more research, I realized that “detox diets” are not healthy at all. I will just try to not eat fast food/junk food, which was the purpose of this goal. Eventually, if I don’t eat it that often for a long time in a row, my body will detox itself.

Goal Sixty-Nine: Buy new iPod speakers

Goal Seventy: Properly balance checkbook

Goal Seventy-One: Send a care package to a solider in Iraq

Goal Seventy-Two: Pay for someone elses bill behind me in fast food drive thru

Goal Seventy-Three: Make a new list when this one is finished

Goal Seventy-Four: Go to a state I’ve never been to before

Goal Seventy-Five: Go bowling

Goal Seventy-Six: Buy an bra/panties set

Goal Seventy-Seven: Buy a Victoria Secret bra

How do I put this…. My cups will runneth over if I have a VS bra. I checked it out, I can not fit into their biggest size they carry. Boo 😦
Goal Seventy-Eight: Grow something
Goal Seventy-Nine: Review 10 movies on (1/10)
Goal: Eighty: Buy a t-shirt from
Goal Eighty-One: Buy glass for Audrey Hepburn picture Jordan gave me
Goal Eighty-Two: Really scrapbook upcoming NYC vacation (not online scrapbook)
Goal Eighty-Three: Buy Michigan scapbook
Goal Eighty-Four: Photograph penguin collection
Goal Eighty-Five: Finish 43 sunsets goal
Goal Eighty-Six: See a sunrise
Goal Eighty-Seven: Be in bed by midnight for 1 week
Goal Eighty-Eight: Buy a little black dress (once weight is down)
Goal Eighty-Nine: Buy a sketchbook and use it
Goal Ninety: Start a blog for recipes
Goal Ninety-One: Set a payment schdule for hospital bill and work on getting it down
Goal Ninety-Two: Build plan/budget to get myself to Australia
Goal Ninety-Three: Organize books
Goal Ninety-Four: Make real hot chocolate once a month from October to Feb. like the knd you make on the stove, not the packets
Goal Ninety-Five: Try Nair, because I hate shaving
Goal Ninety-Six: Buy a bathing suit/dare I say…bikini (once weight is down/gone)
Goal Niney-Seven: Get a tea kettle
Goal Ninety-Eight: Weather permitting, walk Oscar once a week
Goal Ninety-Nine: Try out for a play
Goal One Hundred : Make my feet look normal
Goal One Hundred & One: Listen to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and watch Wizard of Oz at the same time (this act is collectively known as “Dark Side of the Rainbow”)



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