February 101 Update

28 02 2010

I’d like to start with making an entry at the end of the month with an update of all the goals I’ve finished during the month.

But since this is the first time I’m doing this entry, I will just add all the goals I’ve finished.

(1) Goal Eight: Do the 365 pictures challenge
(2) Goal Fourteen: Buy a new Audrey Hepburn poster
(3) Goal Ninteen: Stop drinking pop
(4) Goal Twenty-Two: Try 10 new recipes and add to said book
(5) Goal Thirty-Six: Perm my hair
(6) Goal Forty-One: Eat at Red Lobster
(7) Goal Forty-Two: Eat at Cheesecake Factory
(8) Goal Forty-Three: Eat at Chipolte
(9) Goal Fifty-Three: Go to a concert
(10) Goal Fifty-Six: Buy a waffle maker
(11) Goal Sixty-One: 50 Book Challenge
(12) Goal Sixty-Three: Karaoke
(13) Goal Sixty-Nine: Buy new iPod speakers
(14) Goal Seventy-Three: Make a new list when this one is finished
(15) Goal: Eighty: Buy a t-shirt from threadless.com
(16) Goal Eighty-One: Buy glass for Audrey Hepburn picture Jordan gave me
(17) Goal Eighty-Three: Buy Michigan scapbook
(18) Goal Ninety: Start a blog fro recipes
(19) Goal Ninety-One: Set a payment schdule for hospital bill and work on getting it down

Goals in progress:
(20) Goal Two: Save $2500
(21) Goal Five: Purchase (or decide not to purchase) books and movies from my list I keep a running list of movies/books I want to buy.
(22) Goal Ten: Obtain a new phone in July of 2009 and then one is July 2011 (I’ve finished the first half of it)
(23) Goal Eleven: Send a postcard to Postsecret once a year (Mark off for 2008 and 2009)
(24) Goal Twelve: Stay on top of getting my pictures printed off and put them away (I’m getting pretty good at this. I’ve taken to buying prints at the end of the month)
(25) Goal Sixteen: Clean out my closet
(26) Goal Twenty: Donate old clothes
(27) Goal Twenty-One: Finish my recipe book, complete with pictures
(28) Goal Twenty-Three: A-Z Author Challenge
(29) Goal Twenty-Four: Finish watching movies from Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments list
(30) Goal Twenty-Five: Finish watching movies from Bravo’s 30 Even More Scarier Movie Moments list
(31) Goal Twenty-Seven: Purge stuffed animals, but keep some to pass on to my kids
(32) Goal Thirty: Have 3 pictures I’ve taken and print them/frame them
(33) Goal Fifty-Two: Get new glasses and sunglasses and in 2 years, get eyes rechecked
(34) Goal Fifty-Five: Purchase and use makeup, once a week
(35) Goal Seventy: Properly balance checkbook
(36) Goal Eighty-Two: Really scrapbook upcoming NYC vacation
(37) Goal Eighty-Nine: Buy a sketchbook and use it
(38) Goal Ninety-Four: Make real hot chocolate once a month from October to Feb. like the knd you make on the stove, not the packets
Total: 38 in progress or finished.



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