August 19th 2011 to May 16th 2014

13 07 2009

Here is my new list. Obviously, some things on here may change and you can even see at the end, that I left 4 goals blank to be added at later dates.

But, for now, this is my next list!

1. Get internet for laptop
2. switch banks
3. Buy north face jacket
4. buy joes crab shack shirt
5. buy salty dog cafe shirt
6. buy new boots
7. get a massage
8. continue to save fortune cookie fortunes
9. go to the obseveratory
10. get new phone in 2013
11. go camping
12. pay off credit card every month
13. go see a magic show
14. buy proper baking items (mixer etc)
15. read one new book a month
16. get a library card if not in {hometown}(i.e. If i move out of my current hometown)
17. visit library twice a month
18. tye dye
19. go to another state i haven’t been in
20. rent a limo for 25th bday (2012)
21. have a job that deals w/ degree
22. move out of house
23. go tanning once
24. work on school loan
25. go see a comedy show
26. go to the melting pot
27. buy a good curling iron/straightener

  • I decided to switch out this goal with a goal from the previous list. So I am putting “get a tattoo” on this list.

28. save $5000
29. do locks of love twice (I am hoping that i will have 10 inches at least by august 19th and then i will grow it out and cut it on the last day)
30. have a yes man day
31. get a mani
32. meet an author
33. meet a famous person
34. buy a tea maker
35. leave country
36. join a team
37. learn a new language
38. go to the rainforest cafe
39. make a pair of earrings
40. go black friday shopping
41. do a march of dimes (or something like that)
42. buy louis voulton
43. buy a new ipod
44. figure out blood type
45. go to a museum once a year
46. finish 1001 soduku puzzles
47. make a pizza
48. Have a BBQ/ Summer party
49. go on a picnic
50. Go see a sporting event (tennis? football? baseball?)

51. Use my candles
52. Get a reading chair
53. Buy something off of the TV
54. go to an outlet mall
55. make 1 regular youtube video a week, plus 1 cooking one a month and one book one a month
56. wear SPF 15 sunscreen daily
57. buy a wii and a wii fit
58. computer cam
59. see an episode of snl live
60. send out 5 postcards a month (postcrossing)
61. go to a “taste of…” (chicago, cincinnati?)
62. go to 5 new/different restaurants
63. do a day in the life (DITL) every year
64. buy the all edges brownie pan
65. learn sign language
66. catch a rainbow on camera
67. be vegetarian for a week
68. get another tattoo
69. Watch all of AFI’s 100 best movies of all time
70. Go back to NYC
71. Find a way to have my journals safe in the event of a fire (or other disaster)
72. learn to swim properly
73. go somewhere that is really haunted
74. go to a castle
75. spend an afternoon in a used bookstore
76. go to a new zoo, one i haven’t been to before
77. have a dinner party
78. buy a betsey johnson dress
79. go to 5 different types of churches
80. Finish items from my old list that I didn’t do
81. finish 2 26 things photography project
82. see a postsecret exhibit
83. visit a place on the 1001 places to go before you die book
84. listen to a album on the 1001 albums to listen to before you die
85. eat a food on the 1001 foods to eat before you die book
86. see 1 of the seven natural wonders on the world
87. keep a food journal for a month
88. buy jeans over $20
89. have a pizza party where everyone makes their own pizza!
90. buy a real purse (couch etc)
91. find my sig. scent
92. Do Mo13 [multiples of 13: 13 pushups, 13 bridges, 26 leg-lifts on each leg, 39 squats, and 52 stomach crunches] daily for 1 year
93. read 33 books from the 1001 books you have to read book (1 a month)94. figure out my “emergency fund” amount and save up to 6 months worth
95. meditate daily
96. Be a big sister?
97. Make a new list
98. TBA in 2011
99. TBA in 2012
100. TBA in 2013
101. TBA in 2014




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